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The base is peaceful. Quiet conversation from the workshop tells where Ratchet and Dev and their new daughter are, and a silent shadow shows where Ironhide's standing in the courtyard frowning over the wall. Behind him Rap and Honey are digging a hole to China in the middle of the yard, and Roach is doing the macarena with full musical accompaniment nearby.

Inside the living room Sam's curled in the hammock chair busy with his homework as Mikaela lays on the couch engrossed in the same subject. Across the huge room Chromia's intent on the satellite feeds at the computer desk, and on the bigger mech sized couch Bee is sitting and watching TV as she teases Arcee over her com while that worthy snuggles in Starforge's protective grasp.

The yellow femme is chuckling inwardly at her friends, but she's worried, too. Prime's been gone since the previous morning, and there's been no word of him. Jazz has finally gone to the Nexus to see if he can find him. After everything that's happened Bee's got a sinking feeling about this. Are they going to find Optimus scattered over the desert in scorched and shattered pieces, like their original Jazz and like Ratchet?

The chuckle fades and she turns her head to check on her sparklings.

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Jazz PIN's in with his usual grace and style, and a chibi on his hip. He gives the little one a soothing pat before looking about and making a totally uncool squeak when he see's Bee.

"Hey, darlin' you won't believe what I found!"

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She blinks and gets to her feet as Ironhide turns to look at him and the sparklings jump to their feet and head his way. "Another kid?"

A little kid with flames painted on him... and doodles...???

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Jazz holds the kid out for inspection. "Optimus found his way into the Nexus."

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"Um... whut?" She stares at the little bot as he looks back with enormous blue optics. "I.... Whut??"

Ironhide is staring at Jazz like he's lost his mind.

Rap senses the uncertainty of the adults and snags Honey, looking back between faces.

"What's wrong?" Optimus wants to know, giving a hopeful little wriggle.

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"Your Auntie Bee and Uncle Hide are just surprised." Jazz snuggles the child gently the switches to comm channel. //He went into the Nexus and got LOL'd chibi. I don't think it'll last too long.//

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//'Auntie Bee'?// she asks, a hand going out despite herself to touch Optimus's back.

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//I told him we were his Aunties and Uncles. He can't seem to remember much.// Jazz purrs softly for both of them. "This is home, Optimus. Remember what I told you about home?"
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"Uh huh." He looks up at him, smiling hopefully. "It's a safe place to be loved."

Bumblebee clears away a little static. "Yeah. Sure it is. Are you hungry? Oh, this is Auntie Chromia, she's Uncle Ironhide's sparkmate, and mom to that big guy there on the couch, Starforge. And this is Rap and Honey. And that's Sam and Mikaela."

"What's mom mean?" Optimus wants to know, looking around at everybody curiously.

Ironhide hasn't made a sound, he's just standing there frozen as Rap tries to get Honey's hand off his mouth so he can talk.

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The silver mech thinks a moment. "Moms are the ones who make little sparklets. The also love and protect you. Daddies are moms helpers in making sparklets."
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It's pretty clear that's gone right over Optimus's head, so Chromia shakes her head and says, "Mom is the special femme that loves ya most. Dad's the mech that helps 'er."

"Oh," Optimus starts to say, only to yelp as Honey reaches out from Rap's arms to smack him upside the head.

"Whoa!" Bee grabs her daughter, who squeaks and starts to cry with surprise.

Optimus blinks and stares, then starts crying himself.

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Jazz panics and start bouncing Optimus soothingly and singing out to both of them. "Hush-a-bye, it's gonna be all right. "

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Bee holds Honey close and rubs her back, her optics going to Jazz with surprise. //What was that?//

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Jazz turns his wide optics back to her. //I havent a Primus damned clue! She doesn't hit the other kids!//

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"Honey." She tips her daughter's head up so that their optics met. "Why did you hit Optimus?"

"Bbbbb!" Honey holds out her arms toward the smaller mech, offering a hug. "Bbbbb!"

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"Optimus, shhh. Honey says she's sorry, will you forgive her?" He comes closer and hold him out a little for Honey. He ready to snatch away if hitting starts again.
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The tiny mech rubs his optics and looks toward her, then puts out his arms. "Don't cry. I'm okay."

"Bbbbb." Honey glomps him and gives him a kiss, twinkling the star song.

//Awww,// says Chromia softly. //Ain't that cute?//

Rap grins and pushes over to try and offer some affection to the smaller ones too.

And Ironhide suddenly comes out of his frozen state and turns to walk inside.

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Jazz smiles and hands over the little one in his arm to Rap. "Hold him a bit kiddo? Me and the adults gotta discuss some room arrangements."

//And what to do if this LOL is permenant.//

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Bee blinks and looks at him with shock, absently letting Honey hop to Rap as well and then patting him on the back as he walks away to get both little ones interested in the hole he and Honey had been digging. //But you said they fade.//

//Should we get Ratchet?// Chromia turns her head to look inside. //He and Dev're bondin' with the new one.//

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He shakes his head no to both Bee and Chromia. //Not yet. And most LOL's fade. But some get stuck, I hear.//

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//Sparkmaker....// Bee holds her head, mentally empathizing as the sound of Ironhide hitting his head on the wall reverberates through the hanger.

Chromia just stares at Jazz.

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Jazz sighs softly and goes to lay his head on Bumblebee's shoulder. //Yanno, when I prayed Optimus would get his innocence back, I didn't expect this.//

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She puts her arms around him. //From what I've learned about the Sparkmaker He doesn't always answer the way we think He will. ...Slaggit anyway.//

//So if he's stuck, then what?// Chromia wants to know. //And what if the Defense Secretary calls? What're we gonna tell Epps 'n his bunch?//

//Captain Lennox'll be here soon, too,// Bee reminds them.

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//Slag, I guess I can try an' explain the situation as best I can. I don't know if we can get away with sayin' Optimus just ain't himself for very long.// He sighs again and cuddles close to his wife. //But until I think of something, that's the excuse. We'll try to keep Op away and busy till then I guess.//
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//So the Nexus is still a secret we don't tell the humans?// Chromia watches as Bee lifts her head and looks at the tiny mech playing with her sparklings. //He doesn't remember anything?//

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Jazz's horns twitch for a moment with thought. //I'd rather the Nexus not complicate matters right now.//

He shakes his head wearily. //Not a think, he only knows his name cause somebody told him.//
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//Gotcha. Slag.// She looks up at Ironhide as he wanders back looking a little glazed and mentally agreeing with the sentiment.

//Could we tell them Prime went away for awhile?// asks Bee softly, her voice holding all the meek uncertainty that it had back on Cybertron when she'd spoken up in meetings. //It's not really true, but the Prime is gone...?//

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He nods after a moment of thought. //Good idea. It's not really lyin' either.//

The silver mech turns to Ironhide. //After your head clears, get the news to the other adults. If they answer the phones, they need to know.//

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//Does this mean you're Prime,// she asks on a private channel, leaning back to try and see his face.

Ironhide nods tersely and goes back inside.

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Jazz laughs softly and kisses her before shaking his head. //Nah, Lady Love, Prime is still Op, even if he ain't himself.

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She looks at the tiny mech, then starts as a fourteen foot lime green and black femme darts out of the hanger and goes to see what Rap and the others are doing. "Ohhh, she looks like Ratch!"

Chromia can only grin, her concerns momentarily forgotten.

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Jazz blinks at the green kid streakin by. "That she does! Got her Mama's face, thank Primus."

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"She's so pretty." Bee grins, but then sobers and looks at him again as Chromia coms them again.

//So... we tell anybody on the phone he's not here, and we wait for you to figure out what to tell Epps and Fig and the Captain?//

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//Oooiii. I still gotta think on that, yeah. How long do we have guys?// He looks to both of them. //We'll need to put Op somewhere for a bit while their here. I don't want any slip ups upsetting him just yet.//
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//Captain Lennox's set to come out tomorrow 'n check in,// says Chromia. //Was supposeta meet with Optimus 'n talk about this last attack.//

//And Epps and the guys... well you know how they drop in all the time.// Bee turns her head to look at Sam and wonders if he's breathing.

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Jazz thinks a moment. //When he comes in, tell him the truth about how Optimus has been behavin' of late and say I forced him on vacation. And...I'll thinka somethin'.//

//Bee, make sure Sam's okay. He and Mikeala are the only ones allowed to know.//

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//He's breathing. I think his CPU's just stuck.// She lets go of him reluctantly and goes to pick up her friend and give him the most gentle of shakes.

Mikaela watches her, then sets down her books and walks out to meet the two newcomers.

//Gotcha,// says Chromia, leaning against Ironhide as he walks up and puts an arm around her shoulders. "Watch the guns, darlin'."

"Sorry," he rumbles absently, watching Optimus play in the dirt.