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Bumblebee ([personal profile] nottabeater) wrote2007-11-21 11:21 pm


The base is peaceful. Quiet conversation from the workshop tells where Ratchet and Dev and their new daughter are, and a silent shadow shows where Ironhide's standing in the courtyard frowning over the wall. Behind him Rap and Honey are digging a hole to China in the middle of the yard, and Roach is doing the macarena with full musical accompaniment nearby.

Inside the living room Sam's curled in the hammock chair busy with his homework as Mikaela lays on the couch engrossed in the same subject. Across the huge room Chromia's intent on the satellite feeds at the computer desk, and on the bigger mech sized couch Bee is sitting and watching TV as she teases Arcee over her com while that worthy snuggles in Starforge's protective grasp.

The yellow femme is chuckling inwardly at her friends, but she's worried, too. Prime's been gone since the previous morning, and there's been no word of him. Jazz has finally gone to the Nexus to see if he can find him. After everything that's happened Bee's got a sinking feeling about this. Are they going to find Optimus scattered over the desert in scorched and shattered pieces, like their original Jazz and like Ratchet?

The chuckle fades and she turns her head to check on her sparklings.

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