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Bumblebee ([personal profile] nottabeater) wrote2008-01-29 02:12 pm

Kids' ages

Honey was sparked on June 28, 2007. And Rap was sparked three months later, Oct. 29. Honey was a Nexus surprise. Rap was on purpose.

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Four months already? Time sure flies, huh?

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Oh wait... I calculated that wrong. *sigh* It's actually been three.

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Thought I somehow lost a month for a minute there, heh.

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It's been kinda busy... and my sense of time hasn't been as sharp as it could be since I had Honey messing with my circuits. lol

But yeah. Three months. Wow.

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Things been alright on your end?

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Sparklings all over the place, Ratchet in some kind of weird funk, and some increased activity in the Mission City sewers, but nothing really sketchy. How're you doing?

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Same as it's usually been, the 'Cons try some new scheme, and we mamage to stop it.

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Ah. Yeah... that's our sewer activity.

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What's going on down there exactly?

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Frenzy's building himself an army of little Decepticons made from junk.