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Moving in

Bee pauses to yelp and hold her arms and the box in them up as Honey tears past going "BBBBBB!" at the top of her vocalizer, then looks after her daughter bemusedly and shakes her head.

"Wow, just wow, my turntable 'n everythin' all fits!" comes Rap's excited voice from one of the smaller rooms down the hall from the large and rather echoing main room where she's standing, and she quirks a grin.

Then she squeaks to herself softly and looks around, wondering just what on Earth she and Jazz and the sparklings and Sam are going to do with this much space.

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Jazz puts down one of the boxes and laughs as his kids tear around the house. "Maybe they'll behave better with a little more room to run." He grins and wraps his arms around his wife.

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Her arms still busy with the box she's holding, she leans back against him and watches Honey make it halfway up a wall before falling back. "Where does something that little store that much energy?"

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"Little makes her energy efficient." He shrugs and kisses her softly before wandering over to pick Honey up and toss her gently. "Now watch it! We don't wanna interrupt the Hatchet as he and his girls settle in cause you twisted a joint funny."

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"Bbbb!" The sparkling laughs and waves her arms, then gives a happy squeal.

Bee takes the box to the room next to the one where she and Jazz will sleep and sets it on the floor next to the unused bunk before looking around and walking back out.

She chuckles as artfully mixed music comes from Rap's chosen room.

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Jazz kisses his girl and sets her back down. "Maybe you'll sleep all night eh?"

He picks up the box for their room and follows his wife.

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Honey laughs at that and takes off again to go see what her brother is doing.

"What are we going to do with all this room?" says Bee bemusedly as she turns and goes into their room as well. "This seems nearly as big as the whole hanger!"

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"Help the kids grow? Get stuff we like but don't need." He grins wickedly. "Make more kids?"

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She blushes at that last, then looks around again. "It's a lot different from barracks."

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"Yeah, lot more comfy. And we get a lotta stuff like the wash to ourselves."

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"I don't even know what a real house is supposed to look like," she says quietly, then looks at him. "Wash?"

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"The wash racks. A bathroom to ourselves." He grins and kisses her. "Baby, however you want it, I'll decorate it. "

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She leans against him, her hand going up to the back of his head. "I have no idea. Wait... Honey'll probably have it decorated soon."

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"Oh, yeah. Millions of little stick formers everywhere." He sighs and nuzzles her. "I wonder how the sewercons are."

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"She draws better than that." She lifts her head and looks into his optics quizzically. "Sewercons? You mean Frenzy's kids?"

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"Yeah, they're so fragile. Honey could kill one just by huggin' it." He pulls Bee closer and kisses her. "The dad in me worries, cause you know Frenzy."

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"I still have a hard time thinking of him as a creator that actually acts like one. I mean, he's a 'Con." She sighs at the kiss and snuzzles a bit, then lays her head on his shoulder again. "Honey, stop patting me on the bumper stickers."

"Bbbbbbb!" Their firstsparked giggles.

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"'Cons can be good parents, in the right enviroment. Soundwave was pretty good ta Frenzy and the other kids he had. Prowl turned out alright, in spite of his."

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Hearing that Frenzy had a creator that cared puts things a little more into perspective, though she'd have never suspected that about Soundwave. But Jazz's words about Prowl make her blink. "Prowl was created 'Con?"

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"Yeah, his ol' man couldn't keep him though, lotta cause the war was startin' ta escalate, so Prowl was shipped of to a neutral, then he wound up in Autobot care."

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"Huh." She contemplates that Autobot who'd died before she'd joined Prime's unit. "What was he like?"

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"Prowl? Very tense, but smart too. Kept a lot to himself, 'cept for me of course." He sighs wistfully. "He and me were like brothers. I was the one that would fly by my aft and he would plan the darin' rescue."

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Bee chuckles, but then sobers. "Ours died trying to protect Ratch from Megatron."

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"Mine did th' same. He loved Ratch an' Ironhide, cause they were his primary caregivers when he came to the Autobots."

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"Was he Op's other second?"

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Jazz nods. "Only second really, I was the older of the two of us, but he was better suited for 2IC then me, I was 3IC."

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Bee's quiet for a little while, then hides her face again as her thoughts go to the members of her unit. "So many gone...."

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He holds her close and purrs. "I know..." His horns layback as he nuzzles her. "I miss my brothers."

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"Did we really do any good, Jazz?," she asks softly. "Was there a point to all that, in the end?"

And over in the wash room Honey laughs and gets the shower turned on.

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"Ya hear that noise right now? In the wash room?"

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"Yeah." She groans and starts to lift her head to go and check on her energetic first sparked.

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"Let her splash a bit." He says softly touching her face. "That little girl's noise, Rap's music, and the noise of your systems...they're all I need to know I did the right thing."

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Her optics search his. "Even with all that's gone?"

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He nods returning her gaze. "Yes, because I believe we can rebuild the cities, find new homes, and create new life. And someday, when we finally shut down for the last time, we'll all meet again."

He laughs. "Still, it'll be a long time away."

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"Right," she says softly, her optics brightening slightly. "Yeah."

She puts her arms around his neck and just holds onto him, hearing Rap turn the music up to audio-receptor vibrating levels before going to join his sister in the wash room.

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He kisses her then and listen to the noises of life his family makes.

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And Bee is content to just listen with him.