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Ironhide: *winded from training Rap*

Rap: *still dancing*

Ironhide: *grumbles good naturedly and goes to get a drink*

Rap: *pauses beep the squeaky toy Screwloose had been sitting and contemplating*

Jazz:*peers at Rap.*

Rap: *cheesy grin for his dad as Soundwave absently watches him*

Jazz: Got a lot on your mind?

Rap: *head tilt* What makes ya say that?

Jazz: *smiles and hugs his boy* Seemed pensive.

Rap: *hugs back with a chuckle* Nah. I'm alright.

Bee: *pauses in the door and changes her mind about having a drink. Turns and walks away*

Rap: 0_o But now I'm worried.

Soundwave: *looking toward the door with a frown*

Jazz: Whaaaat. *gentle poke*

Rap: Mama's actin' like she don't wanna see us. *frowning*

Jazz: *sighs* I know...I have a feeling I know why. But I'll talk to her. *gets up and kisses Rap*

Rap: *gives him a one-armed hug, though he's still frowning slightly.*

Soundwave: *pushes over the checkerboard*

Rap: *looks at it and nods, starting to set up the checkers*

Jazz: *wanders over to where Bee has gone.* You mad at me Lady Love?

Bee: *slightly guilty look, which she tries to hide.* No. Why would I be mad at you?

Jazz: You actin' like you don' wanna see us. *comes up to pull her into a hug*

Bee: *blinks* Oh... um.... *sucks at hiding anything* *looks down and leans against him* No... I'm afraid you're gonna be mad at me.

Jazz: Is it Soundwave?

Bee: *startled look, and then a slight laugh* No. No, Soundwave's cool. And Ravage's cute when he's babysitting.

Jazz:...don't love me no more? *trying to joke but looks worried still*

Bee: *looks near tears* I'm never going to stop loving you.

Jazz: *squeezes her tightly and kisses her* Then I'm sure nothing will make me mad. Cause I love you, and that won't stop. Tell me baby!

Bee: *kisses him back hesitantly* I didn't do it on purpose... I didn't even know it'd happened till I went to Ratchet to see why I was glitching slightly.

Jazz:...Bee are you...carryin' another sparklin'? *Peers up at her and touches her cheek*

Bee: *looks down as she nods*

Jazz: *laughs softly and kisses her deeply* I ain't mad! Why would I be? This is good news!

Bee: But.... *leans back to look at him with a frown* You said we needed to wait for any more.

Jazz: It's...gonna be hard yeah. *he smiles* But a new life? Especially with you? Never gonna be a bad thing.

Bee: You're sure?

Jazz: *smiles and nods, kissing her cheeks* You are my one and only! And besides, there's not much you can do to get rid of it. It's partly my bad anyway. *He laughs and nuzzles her.*

Bee: *optics wide with shock at just the thought of getting rid of the new spark as she lays her head on his shoulder and snuggles.* Ratchet told me to quit trying to repopulate Cybertron on my own.

Jazz: He would. *He smiles and cuddles her purring softly* Any idea what the spark'll be?

Bee: *silent for a moment, just listening. Then, softly,* Femme

Jazz: *laughs and cuddles her* Won't that please Honey?

Bee: *soft chuckle* Rap too. He loves his sister.

Jazz: Well, let's stop worrying him eh? *smiles and takes her hand*

Bee: *wraps her fingers trustingly in his and smiles* Yeah... I have to lay down.

Jazz: Alright, my love, we can do that. *smiles wide and tugs her along*

Bee: *perks slightly through her weariness and grins at him, then walks at his side to go and snuggle and rest*

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