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Still shook up

Ratchet: *over the com* //Jazz, can you come to the med bay?//

Optimus: *on one of the couches, watching Sam pace and fret*

Honey: *sleeping*

Waltz: *curled up against Jazz's side, half asleep herself*

Jazz: *blinks and looks up at Optimus from his cuddling children* Op, can you sit with these two a bit. *to Ratchet* //Lemme get the kids in line and I'll be right there.//

Optimus: *smiles and reaches for Honey.* I can.

Sam: *stops short and stares at Jazz anxiously* Did Ratchet just talk to you? Did he say something about Bee? Is she alright?

Jazz: *rises carefully* Dunno yet. He wants me in the Medbay. *He hands Honey off to Optimus.* //Bee gonna be okay?//

Ratchet: //Tell Sam to settle down and breath.//

Waltz: *sits up and stretches slightly, then looks at her Daddy with a soft encouraging smile before going to sit with her Uncle Op instead.*

Sam: *spazzing*

Jazz: *laughs softly* It must not be too bad. He told me to tell you to settle down and breathe. *Gently pats Waltz's head* I'll be back soon. *begins to walk out the door to the medbay*

*Sam's scolding fades as the door closes behind him. It's Soundwave in the elevator this time instead of Ironhide, but Jazz's old friend is in one of those silent and sad moods which he never breaks before he's ready.*

Jazz: *sighs softly before smiling at Soundwave and resting his head against the side of the elevator.*

Soundwave: *radiates silent sympathy despite his inscrutible faceplate, he doesn't get off when the elevator stops at Ratchet's level.*

Jazz:*gently pats Soundewave's shoulder before walking off the elevator an into Medbay.* Ratch! How is she? Where is she and how's she doin'?

Ratchet: *looks around calmly from his place by the table where he'd laid Bee.* Is he still yelling?

Jazz: Sam? Most likely, you know that kid. I'm still worried about my wife though man. *Approaches quitely to see how she is for himself.*

Ratchet: *bows his head as Jazz comes over* Broken arm, broken ribs, shock, and a concussion. *his voice is heavy as he says it* Barring unfortold complications she'll recover fully.

Bee: *laying covered by a blanket and clothed in a big soft T-shirt that's been cut up the back to make an impromptu hospital gown, her upper body and left arm encased in carefully molded plastic shells. The side of her face is swollen and bruised, contrasting with the white of the oxygen mask that she's wearing.*

Jazz: *sighs again and shifts into his human holoform to come and lay next to his wife.* I was so afraid. *nuzzles his face in her hair and talks softly to her.* I'm glad.

Ratchet: Don't disturb any of the monitors. *doesn't sound as sharp as he usually would in saying something like that. Watches for a moment and then turns away toward his office* Call if you need anything.

Jazz: I won't Ratch. And thanks for taking care of my girls.

Ratchet: *grumbles and walks off* She'll be coming out of the anesthetic soon.

Jazz: Kay. *sighs again with relief and just enjoys Bee's presence next to him* I was so scared.

Bee: *unbruised eyelid flutters* Mmmhhh....

Jazz: *hears her and raise himself up so he can be in eyesight* Hey, lady love. You had me scared for a little while.

Bee: *frowns and seems to be struggling to wake. Then her good hand starts to move as her mouth moves in the shape of his name.*

Jazz: *carefully takes her hand and squeezes it* Shh...It's okay. Ratch said you'll be fine, *hums softly as he pets her hair* Maybe I should sing you back to sleep, huh?

Bee: *winces and finally gets eye open* Oww.... don't... head's... sore.

Jazz: *winces as well and nods.* I won't then, maybe I should just shut up. *lays back down next to her still holding her hand.*

Bee: *minor spazz as she notices the O2 mask* Meeep *hyperventilates*

Ratchet: What the slag?? *sticks his head out*

Jazz: Bee! Shh! It's there to help you breathe! *looks over at Ratchet* The O2 mask upset her. *goes back to soothing his wife* Shh! Babe! It's there to help you.

Bee: *eye widening as the heart monitor tattles on her fright, and then she looks up at Ratchet as he looms over them and gently removes the mask*

Ratchet: *hands Jazz an O2 tube instead.* Here, put it over her ears and under her nose.

Jazz: *nods and does as he is instructed, talking very softly and trying to soothe Bee as he goes.*

Bee: *tries to calm and understand what's going on past the haze of painkillers and anesthetic, tears dripping down her cheeks toward her ears*

Ratchet: *watches her for a moment, reading her vitals, then glances at Jazz* //Be quiet and careful, but see if you can't sooth her. Being human is a big change.//

Jazz:*nods and leans down to wipe off the tears on her cheeks*

Bee: *slowly turns her face toward his hand, her own reaching for him*

Jazz: *takes her other hand in his and smiles.* I love you. *he says barely in a whisper*

Bee: *tugs without much strength, trying to get him to lay by her and snuggle. All she wants right now is something at least halfway familiar...*

Jazz: *chuckles and lays back down next to her. He kisses her cheek and smiles*

Bee: *rests her face against his* Dizzy.... Processor's blury.

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